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Dear Friend,

Imagine breaking free from debt, lack, struggle and fear... and opening the floodgates of money into your life in 7 easy steps

What would it be like to end the struggle once and for all, and get into cash flow that makes life easy, luxurious, and lets you do what you truly love?

I’ve released the ONLY book I’ve ever written on Attracting Money and I’m going to give it to you for FREE!

You read it right.  It’s called "Attract Money Now". 

Here's some of what you’ll learn inside this FREE life-changing book…

  • What is the easy, proven 7-step formula to attract money FAST that will work for YOU?

  • How do you conquer key hidden beliefs that are pushing money away from you?

  • How can you use the secret “tapping” technique to get cash flowing to you fast?

  • What is one of the best-kept secrets of the wealthy for attracting money easily?

  • How do the rich think differently than YOU regarding money?

  • What's a brand new secret for spending money in a way that attracts even MORE money?

  • What are the two little-known 'secrets' of asking for money – that ALWAYS work?

  • How can you set up multiple streams of income doing what you love?

  • What's the one thing anyone can do that will ALWAYS lead to more money?

  • What are 29 other ways to attract even more money NOW?
And much more!

Plus... you'll get the "Attract Money Now Live!" DVD for free as I break down all the elements step by step.  You'll get additional valuable tips that will put you on an instant path to wealth and prosperity, guaranteed. 

Here's some of what you'll discover in this powerful FREE DVD that'll arrive in the mail with your free book:

  • How do you attract more money? When is the right time to do it, and who is putting up the road blocks that are in your way?

  • What are the 3 Key Beliefs you MUST have to attract wealth?  And how can you learn to say "YES” to opportunities?

  • How can you release the negative beliefs that are blocking your wealth right now? (You'll discover what your ego has to do with Attracting Money!)

  • What is Prosperous Purchasing and why should you use it to anchor your success? (This is a KEY element if you want to participate in the process of attracting wealth - very few people get this so they remain stuck!)

  • How do you GIVE, and why you must give in order for money to circulate THROUGH you?

  • How do you take immediate action to put everything in motion in your favor?

  • Why is having an unsolved problem actually a GOOD thing?

  • How do you 'Pick Up The Sword' and start eliminating all the obstacles standing your way right now?

Now I can hear your mind thinking, "why am I giving 'Attract Money Now' away to you for FREE?"

First, I want to help.  One of my secrets is to give.  When you do, the world gives you back!

The 7-step formula you're going to learn when you get this book, is the same foolproof system that helped me go from homeless on the lonely streets of Dallas, to a bestselling author and financially free multi-millionaire in just a short time.

I'm giving you "Attract Money Now" for FREE to help you or anyone else who is struggling, and let you discover the path to freedom...

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Can you afford paying nothing to gain a few buckets full of cash or much, much more?

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